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Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.


Energy Efficiency Products

MVEA & Tri-State G&T pay refunds to MVEA members who install selected electrical heating systems and/or selected electrical appliances. All requests must be received within 180 days of purchase. Additionally, all appliances must be energy star certified to be eligible for a refund. Check out the list of eligible refunds.

To receive your refund, please submit an Energy Efficiency Refund Request Form and attach a copy of your sales receipt. Requests will not be processed without a copy of the sales receipt that shows you made the payment in full. Fill out all information that pertains to your request, if it does not apply to your request please leave the space blank.

If you are requesting a rebate for LED bulbs, please use the LED bulbs request form.

Requests can be sent to MVEA, PO Box 1600, Limon, CO 80828 Attn: Cortney.

If you are a commercial account wanting to submit a LED commercial lighting retrofit please contact our office at 719-495-2283 or 1-800-388-9881 to schedule a pre-installation inspection and receive the lighting retrofit matrix that you will need to complete.

For those members wishing to calculate their monthly energy usage and start their own energy efficiency program, MVEA offers a home energy audit and library on the web site that has links to appliance use calculators, home energy audits and CFL cost savings estimators. It also includes educational games and information for children.