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You get more power from an electric co-op.  As a member/owner of MVEA, you have a lot of power. You can vote for your board of directors and you can make your opinions heard at annual meetings because you are the owner. And that’s a huge advantage over the big corporate power companies. Their customers have no say in the management of the company, no vote for the board of directors and no stake in the power company’s future. That’s why co-ops work so well throughout America. Because when people want power, we deliver.

Please join us at our 75th Annual Meeting of Members at Falcon High School on June 2, 2016. Check back on this page or read the Colorado Country Life magazine for more information to come on the Meeting.

Mountain View Electric Association (MVEA) held its 74th Annual Meeting at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument, Colorado, on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Dinner and entertainment were provided with the business meeting following.  Attorney Jack Wolfe conducted the uncontested election of the qualified candidates for offices of Director.  Only one candidate each was nominated in District 1, District 4, and District 6, therefore the bylaws of MVEA allow for election by voice vote.  Mr. Joseph Martin from District 1, Mr. Milton Mathis from District 4, and Mr. Barry Springer from District 6 received passing votes and therefore remain on the Board of Directors for another 3 year term.

(However, if the elections were contested, voting ballots would have been mailed to the members.  The last date for the return of mailed ballots would have been Wednesday, June 3, 2015.)

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