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The Cooperative Difference & Member-first MVEA Programs: Explore the benefits of being an electric cooperative member!

In 1941 when Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. (MVEA) was incorporated, our founding members were dedicated to establishing an electric cooperative that would provide rural communities with access to reliable and affordable power. We are an electric cooperative that was created by the members we serve as part of the historical electrification of rural America. Due to their commitment, light was brought to night and modern convenience arrived to a world of hard labor for small tasks. To our founding members, being an electric cooperative member was a point of pride.

Fast-forward to today and the benefits of being a “modern-day” electric cooperative member may not be as historically obvious as remembering when the lights came on for the very first time, but that doesn’t mean the benefits no longer exist. In fact, there are many more benefits to being an electric cooperative member than there were in 1941.

When you are a member of a cooperative, you are more than just a customer. You are a member-owner with an investment in an organization that is founded on the principles of community and integrity. In a world that is influenced by global markets and large investor-owned corporations, being a member of a cooperative means being part of something special — something local, something trusted.

As a member-owned electric cooperative, we are guided by the “Seven Cooperative Principles” that are recognized industry-wide: Voluntary and Open Membership; Democratic Member Control; Members’ Economic Participation; Autonomy and Independence; Education, Training and Information; Cooperation Among Cooperatives; and Concern for Community.

These seven principles trace their roots back to 1844; yet, how we incorporate these principles into our business model during an era that is influenced by changes in rural communities, government regulations, and technology is more important than ever. We call this approach to governance and dedication to our members and community “The Cooperative Difference.” We take great pride in building partnerships and creating programs that provide our members with programs and services that “traditional” utility companies do not regularly provide.

Capital Credits: As a member-owner, your investment in the cooperative is returned to you in the form of capital credits. This is part of what distinguishes a cooperative from an investor-owned utility. Since cooperatives do not earn profits, any excess revenues (net margins) that remain once all expenses have been paid for the year are divided between all MVEA members as capital credits. Capital credits are retired (which means paid) to members when the Board of Directors finds the cooperative financially capable of doing so. Dedication to fiscally responsible planning and business practices has enabled MVEA to retire over $36.4 million in capital credits to our member-owners in the last 10 years. Do we owe you a REFUND? Click here to find out if your name is on the unclaimed Capital Credit list.

Co-op Cares Energy Efficiency Rebates: When you participate in one of our energy efficiency programs, you not only use less electricity and save on your monthly electric bill, but you are also helping to reduce the overall demand for electricity within our co-op territory. Energy efficiency helps us all save. It is a team effort. And, it can start with something as small as a light bulb. MVEA members can apply for rebates by completing the Co-op Cares Energy Efficiency Rebate form that is available on our website.

Green Power: MVEA offers our members a chance to purchase blocks of green power to help spur further development of renewable energy sources. The purchased green power blocks help offset the use of fossil fuel generated power. As the cost of research and development for renewable energy goes down, so does the cost to purchase green power blocks. MVEA started offering green power in 2000 at the cost of $2.50 per 100 kWh block. Today, the cost is only 10¢ per 100 kWh block.

Operation Round Up: MVEA started the Operation Round Up program in 2000 to assist non-profit organizations, communities with special needs and individuals who have suffered from loss, personal disasters or medical emergencies. Operation Round Up funds stay in the MVEA service territory. Members have given over $2.6 million to this program by rounding their bill up to the next dollar. The maximum contribution for the year is less than $12. It is a small price to pay for helping our communities.

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